The Deal before the Deal!

The Deal before the Deal!

In business and in life, deals are made all the time.  Sometimes the deals are big and momentous, such as the purchase of a new car or house.  Sometimes the arrangements are much smaller, like who is doing the laundry or who will wash the dishes or cut the grass.  The deal before the deal is the understanding as to what people will do and how things will be done.

A big arrangement that does not get as much serious attention as it should is the courtship period before marriage.  The dating period is where the “deal before the deal” should be worked out.  The understanding of roles, money, in-laws, careers, religion, health and where the happy couple will live are just a few the important things that should be worked out before getting married.

Marriage and family are usually figured out when people are in their early 20’s and are generally financially poor.  However, it is becoming increasingly common that people are getting married and starting families in their 30’s.  The more people that are starting marriage and families in their late 20’s and 30’s the more there is to consider because careers and wealth need to be thought about.  Sharing will be a new concept for these couples.  In situations where this is the case, it makes sense to meet with a counsellor in advance to discuss how to integrate these complex matters.  In fact, it may make sense to work out a pre-nuptial agreement.

I am attaching a link to a recent Globe and Mail article that describes the value of pre-nuptial agreements and how working through the details may help protect your marriage!

The Pledge… Enjoy the video!