Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist

Financial Clarity in the Midst of Change

Al Dyck, CFP® (Chartered Financial Planner), CFDS® (Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist)

Divorce marks a turning point in life, not just emotionally but financially. It’s a path treaded with complexities and uncertainties. My name is Al Dyck and as one of the few Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists in Canada, I provide specialized financial guidance to navigate this intricate journey.

Traditionally, navigating a divorce means working with either a family law lawyer, a family counsellor or both. While these professionals are vital to the process, the specific financial intricacies often remain unaddressed. It’s more than just splitting assets; it’s about understanding their true worth and future impact on your life.

Seeing Beyond the Surface

When dividing assets, it’s easy to miss the less tangible ones. Pensions, business valuations, and long-term costs are not just numbers, but narratives of your future. Accountants may lay out the current value, but do they show you how these figures can evolve over time? That’s where my expertise as a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist comes into play.

A Beacon of Hope

Divorce can feel like an end, but it’s also a beginning. Armed with three decades of financial planning acumen, I offer more than just analysis, I offer foresight and hope. Imagine knowing the financial implications of each decision before you make it, from keeping the family home to understanding the real value of a spousal income.

Empowering Your Choices

Many face the divorce process feeling overwhelmed, especially when it comes to long-term financial survival. For example, opting for the family home might seem like a victory today, but what about the maintenance costs and future market values? My dedicated training equips me to shed light on these scenarios, guiding you and your partner towards decisions that serve your long-term wellbeing.

The Role of a Lawyer vs. a Financial Divorce Specialist

Legal advice is paramount, and a lawyer’s role in crafting agreements is irreplaceable. I encourage you to work with legal counsel for complex matters. However, as a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, my role is to complement this legal advice with robust financial strategy—ensuring you’re not just legally protected, but financially prepared.

Three Decades of Trust

I don’t just bring a designation to the table—I bring a lifetime of experience. With over 30 years in the financial planning industry, my insights are grounded in real success stories and an unwavering commitment to my clients’ futures.

In times of change, you deserve a guide who understands not just the value of your assets, but the value of trust, hope, and a fresh start.

At Al Dyck Financial Services, we prioritize comprehensive support for our clients.

If you require mediation services, we suggest considering Joselin Corrigan at Porchlight Mediation. Joselin, based in the West Kootenays, offers a safe and encouraging space for resolving conflicts. Her expertise in mediation can help families and individuals reach fair resolutions.

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