Living with Inflation

Living with Inflation

Many people look forward to their retirement days with much anticipation.  They have hopes and dreams of visiting the grandchildren, downsizing the house and holidays in warmer climates.  After many years of hard work, these are all things to look forward to and appreciate.

For those of us who have the retirement badge of honor, the bliss of retirement can get tiresome.  It is my observation that many men, as opposed to women, have more difficulty with the concept of retirement, especially after the first year or two. 

It is perhaps better to look at one’s senior years as a time of transition as opposed to retirement.  I have read the Bible five times in the last 6 years and have never seen any word or phrase that mentions the “R” word.  In conversations with people that are familiar with other religions and worldviews, such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism, there is also no word for retirement. 

So, what should one do with this dilemma?  It is perhaps best to use the phase, “what can I do to be of service to my family and friends in my community?”  This question gives you permission to get into a “side hustle” where you can be useful in the marketplace. 

People who have a sense of purpose are simply more content and happier than those who spend their time twiddling their thumbs.  If you can earn some money, even better!  When inflation is running at over 12%, why not earn some extra money to make up the difference lost to the increased cost of living?

Attached is a link from Tim Cestnick of the “Globe and Mail”.  I hope you find this of value!