A Fable from Aesop

A Fable from Aesop

Aesop is believed to have lived during the 6th century BC.  He was born disfigured and according to historical records, spoke with a stammer.  Being born with these handicaps and being a Greek slave on the island of Samos, Aesop is credited to have had a sharp mind and was able to teach lessons in morality through story.  His fables were compiled from oral tradition and transcribed into written word at about 300 BC.  According to Herodotus and other classical writers, Aesop was killed by the people of Delphi after he committed some grave offence against them.

According to Sir Roger L ’Estrange (1616-1704), Aesop told his stories to other underprivileged adults like himself who appreciated advice on how to make life more comfortable in an unjust world.

Today’s blog is taken from the book, Aesop’s Fables, that Sir Roger compiled in 1692.  I purchased this book at an independent bookseller, Daunt Books, while visiting in Oxford, England, July 2022.  I have copied the text almost verbatim.  I did take some small liberties in language and grammar to make the writing somewhat more modern.  Enjoy!

A Lark and her Young Ones

There was a brood of young Larks in the Corn, and the mother, when she went abroad to forage for them, laid a strict instruction upon her little ones, to pick up what news they could get before she came back with food.  They told her at her return, that the Owner of the Field had been there and offered his ripe crop to his neighbors to come and reap the Corn.

“Well,”, says the Mother Lark, “there’s no danger yet then.”  The children told her the next day that the Owner of the Field had been there and again offered his crop of corn to his neighbors.   “Well, well”, says the mother.  There is no worry yet for our home and she went out again to forage for her family.

However, on the third day, the children told their mother that the owner and his son were going to come the next morning to harvest the corn themselves.  Mother Lark immediately instructed the children to gather up their belongings because it was time to move.  “As for the neighbors and friends, I fear them not; but the owner, I’m sure will be as good as his word, because he will take care of his business!”

Al’s Nuggets

  1.  As a property owner or as a business owner, you will always care more about your interests than your neighbors, your employees, or the government ever will.  That’s just human nature!
  2. People have understood point #1 for thousands of years! 
  3. You will glean more knowledge, and hopefully more wisdom, by reading than by watching TV!  The neighbours could have gotten some free food had they expended the effort.  However, the opportunity expired, and they had to get their food at a higher cost!
  4. It seems that even though technical knowledge has improved significantly over the millennia, wisdom and human behaviour has not changed.