4 Credibility Habits

4 Credibility Habits

When I was in business, I used the services of two different business coaches.  My first coach, Peter Neufeldt of Peak Performance Consulting (www.peakperformanceconsulting.ca)  provided me insight about my self-limiting beliefs. His services helped me to think differently about what might be possible in my business life.

Many of the concepts and ideas that I had early in my business were mostly good but lacked refinement and sophistication.  Peter’s guidance helped me to grow my business because my confidence in myself and my services, grew significantly.

My second coach, Russell Schmidt from the business coaching organization, The Strategic Coach (https://now.strategiccoach.com) was also excellent.  This program was different from Peter’s, in that we met as a cohort of around 25 to 30 other entrepreneurs every 90 days.  We got the benefit of Russ’s wisdom along with the business experience of all the other business owners.  Some of us were relatively small businesses whereas others were much larger with several hundred employees. 

The journey that I went through with the two coaching programs was very beneficial for me, my employees, and my customers.  For me, the main benefit was increased confidence in myself and my processes.  My employees benefitted through increased job security because I learned to delegate work to them so that I could keep doing what the good Lord gifted me with.  This resulted in more and better business resulting in more profits!  The customers benefitted because they had a team of competent people that could solve problems with energy and creativity.

The other morning at our weekly Rotary meeting, my friend, Roger Brown shared these words of wisdom called “Credibility Habits”.  These four points were provided by both of my coaches.  Thanks to Peter, Russell and Roger for sharing these words of wisdom from the Unknown Author!

Confidence About Credibility

No one gets taken seriously in this world

Unless he or she has credibility.

Not credibility about brilliant ideas or heroic deeds

But credibility about daily habits and performance.

The 4 Credibility Habits are:

  1.  Show up on time.
  2. Do what you say you are going to do.
  3. Finish what you start. 
  4. Say Please and Thank You!

These simple habits may seem self evident but are rarely done consistently.  By implementing these 4 habits, your personal and business lives will improve significantly!